Retail Display Fixtures

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The costly, whether rented or owned, commercial spaces in high-cost metro and cosmopolitan cities, necessitates the need for space saving but aesthetic furniture for showrooms and showcases. The sales personnel assisted wall mounted show cases do not provide the comfort and convenience to customers, in a textile or footwear showroom.

The customer in these times of fast track world, who wants to look at and feel the product swiftly, does not want to wait for the sales person to attend to. It is here, our well conceived retail display fixtures provide an apposite solution. The floor mounted but movable retail display fixtures under this category provide the much sought after convenience to the customer. Apart from saving on the cost of labour of a sales person, the layout can be rearranged or reorganised so easily to provide a variety of look of the showroom, each time a customer drops in.

The products under this category are aimed at customers of the commercial segment in consumer goods industry.